An anatomical look at stock market aliments…

There are a multitude of factors that drive stock market fluctuations that result in investor angst. And the human body is also subject to great health fluctuations caused by many factors to include genetics, living style, diet, and so on. The Market and the body share some common maladies. Some that come to mind…

  • Congressional Bacterial Infections
  • Media Mad Cow Disease
  • Presidential Influenza
  • Floor Trader Thrombosis
  • AOC Abnormalities
  • Interest Rate tumors
  • Wall Street Spasms
  • Trump Trama
  • Investor Shock
  • Biden Bullshootitis
  • International Gout
  • Leadership Lice
  • Supply and Demand Dracunculiasis
  • Blitzer Brain Seizure
  • Broker Diarrhea
  • Pelosi Plague

It is just enough to make you want to bury your money in the backyard!

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Help Yourself Help Others…

…quotes on leadership from some very famous people.

They are great to read, but, stop short of contributing to your tool kit unless put into practice.

The fact is anyone can use this advice, there is no requirement to be famous, only a desire for self-improvement and a genuine interest in leadership and leading!

Great “take-aways” for leaders, managers, supervisors or anyone who interfaces with anyone, so I suspect that is all of us! And in one way or another I believe we all have the opportunity to lead in some capacity.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. —Lao Tzu

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So simple, some complex… communications!

On several occasions I hired a communications consultant for annual key management team meetings to impress on our management group the critical importance of the skill — communications.

Often the message was a rehashing of the basics as if those are not present then messages (written, spoken) fail to achieve the goal. Consider the graphics below on Role, Process, and Buy-in. Of course the degree of planning would vary depending on complexity of project.

In the end our consultant would make sure the group left with the same thought as a takeaway and consider in their work…”when something goes wrong, 90 percent of the time it can be linked to poor communications”.

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Such Little People…

What frosts me about the current DC rock throwing mess over a phone call to the Ukraine is that, Trump’s poor leadership and inappropriate behavior aside, not one of those elected; corrupt, thieving spin-masters could pass the same or equal scrutiny.  And that probably applies to all those congressional panels where a handful of our elected, ego-driven fools grill the target of the week.   And when do they successfully address (emphasis added) the debt, infrastructure, the medical mess, immigration, and a few other major issues?  They don’t.  It is all about the political parties, and special interest money; clearly not about the country.  It is tragic, embarrassing, all of it lethal, destructive, incriminating behavior. 

How could perception be so much in err?

Such little people in such huge jobs.

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Part of the Fabric

If you are taking on a new management assignment, if you are a new boss, you have but a short time to make expected changes. “Expected Changes” are usually anticipated by employees and coworkers when the boss’s position turns over.

The longer the new boss is in the job, employees and coworkers settle into the new ways (or the status quo; old ways) and do not look for continuing, significant changes. At that point the boss can become part of the fabric of the organization where significant change becomes a larger and possibly more difficult undertaking.

A new boss may be tested by some who could not convince the last boss to make a change… just be aware as the change may be unnecessary or counter to a direction that the business needs to pursue. Examine the request carefully.

To avoid becoming part of the fabric, as a new boss, make significant changes within the first three months through the first year. Make sure your boss and other bosses affected are on board. That does not mean you need everyone’s concurrence. A participative environment is is important, it helps with building buy-in for change. That does not mean that running the business or department is a democracy! It should not be!

Making changes for change sake is foolish… changes that improve efficiency, performance, morale, and the numbers — perfect!

Never, never, never underestimate the importance of continuous, accurate and all- encompassing communications when planning and implementing change.

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New Leader’s Orientation

You have a new job… You have 12 people reporting to you, two direct reports and the others reporting to them.


You absolutely need to have a meeting of “All Hands”, your direct and indirect reports, within the first few weeks on the job, notwithstanding who reports to who.  It is a prime opportunity, to set the standards and expectations, win them over, and dislodge any concerns about “the new boss”.  And, it is a prime opportunity to have an open exchange and discussion. Here are some suggested talking points:

  • Roadblocks and barriers
  • Schedule one on one’s
  • Open door
  • Have some fun, humor
  • About setting objectives
  • Expectations about performance
  • Boss’s role and responsibilities
  • Reports role and responsibilities
  • Importance of communications
  • Values and Ethics
  • Career help and assistance
  • Review the company’s behavioral competencies list (if one exist)
  • One-on-one followup schedule

In a much earlier posting, “A Leader’s Leader”, a brief entry was made on traits important to work and performance …. some applicable for noting in the ‘all hands” orientation, some for one-on-one followups. All are good for career coaching, improving performance, and mentoring.

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The Frightening Responsibility of Leadership

The link below will take you to the article titled “Making The Tough Calls”, written by Fast Company Editor-in Chief, Stephanie Mehta. She doesn’t need anyone paraphrasing for her. I just have to say that this captures the very scary responsibility of leadership and the importance of values at the foundation of business, especially as it relates to AI.

This is not a long read… but it should leave some weighty thoughts on your mind.

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