Simple Reasons, complex solutions

For leaders and professionals and more… “20 Simple Reasons…”

That “HR Soft Stuff” is not HR soft stuff – it is organization-wide stuff.  Just take a sec and look at “20 Simple Reasons Your Top Performers Quit”, from George Dickson’s blog, October 04, 2017. Here’s the link:

Why organization wide?  Every supervisor and manager can have a positive impact on many of these “20 Simple Reasons” in his/her department and organization.  HR’s job is to drive it.  Top management’s job is to direct it – see that it gets done.  Of course, you should have an HR executive who drives this through the organization, many don’t.  No help there!

I looked at talent turnover statistics from many varying sources over many years… and many of the same factors continue to surface as the culprits that are the root cause of top talent turnover.

If you are a boss you can do an organization analysis and address these issues, as applicable.  If you are an employee and these negative factors are part of your current work culture, you can always leave.  Make sure you weave some the “20 Simple Reasons….”  into your interview questions, in a positive way, to make sure you’re heading toward the work culture that is right for you.

People join companies, people quit bosses!  So, “join a company, quit a boss”!

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