Thanks: motivation through recognition

Recognition is a powerful motivator. And it has so many forms – special project assignments, project awards, one-on-one meetings, informal department lunches, positive feedback on work, taking time for career advice, remote temporary assignments, “thanks for a job well done”, or, “great work”, to name a few.  I had a boss who handed out plaques for people who made significant changes — Bronze plate on a wood base, or similar, not expensive.  People who received it proudly displayed it in their office. When presented in the presence of peers, that made it even more significant. Here is the quote on the plaque…

Machiavelli quote

I followed up on the practice! I once received feedback that it might “demotivate” others.  That is not the case if the accomplishment is significant enough to differentiate the recipient in their function, or department, or in the business. And, most co-workers will agree; those who don’t probably have issues.


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