Need a Promotion ???

Assuming you like your employer/work culture, but need a job change, here is an idea that can help you move forward!  It kind of goes around the “system” but does not violate it in reality (e.g. posting, bidding process). Tell the boss about the open position you are interested in, and tell him/her that you want to write a note to that manager expressing your interest, and why you would be an excellent choice for the job.  Your boss should be OK with this if you:

  • Have been on your current position three years or more,
  • Have proven your ability,
  • Have delivered results,
  • Have had good feedback and respect from your boss, customers (internal/external), peers,
  • Know that the position of interest is one that is a good move for your career, and one that you are qualified for…

The above list can be used as the rationale to obtain the bosses OK.

When you send the email, or internal note, to the boss with the open position, keep it brief and to the point.  Use bullets for easy reading, the bullets being a list of:

  • Why that department/team/ would benefit having you in that position,
  • Why you are qualified,
  • What you have done on prior jobs that are relevant to the new job and,
  • Competencies (behaviors – analytical, hard work, commitment, good communication and team player, etc.) that are your strengths.

You will differentiate yourself among the competition!  I have seen this work and have used it myself successfully.  And, I assure you this will work at any level in the organization.


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