Valuing Relocation Opportunities

There are two ways to view an opportunity to move to a new location, new position.  The glass is half-full, or, consider taking a bye on the opportunity.

Relocation can be a huge value-add, here is a “half-full” summary:

  • Experience adapting to a new location
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Learn a new job
  • Apply your experience in a new context
  • Experience new leadership
  • Broaden your business acumen
  • Enrich your career
  • International Assignment — Understanding the business in a global dimension
  • Bottom Line: You will differentiate yourself from the pack if you take the move and make a success of it!  If it is an international opportunity it adds exponential value.

Note: This may go without saying — moving kids can be tough.  Like adults, the older they are their flexibility can wane for a number of reasons.  Do some homework if you are considering moving kids, teens, or young adults.


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