Plan for the TSO in 2018 !!!

One of my favorite holiday events is an evening out to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO).  Beyond the magnificent light show and stage effects, the story and music are phenomenal.  If you visit the band’s website,  you will get a flavor of the dynamics of the show and music.   On their home page, click on the song “Christmas Cannon”.   And, click on the “About” tab on their site.   They only play through the holiday season.  TSO

This year, 2017, TSO’s schedule runs from mid-November to December end;  consider adding it to your calendar for 2018.  Tickets are expensive.  I know many who have seen the show and I never recall anyone grousing about the price, only discussing the spectacular!

A part of every Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert is the donation of $1 from each ticket sold to that show to a local charity. Since its founding, the band has donated over $10 million dollars to local charities throughout the country. While the foundations vary from city to city, the band’s philanthropic work tends to focus most on those that protect and children, such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Toys for Tots.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Further notes on the “Entrepreneur’s Ten Commandments”….

It is easy to be overwhelmed by business advice… for example, my last posting on the “entrepreneur’s commandments”.  Attempting to learn and apply the “commandments”, that are applicable to your situation, are best managed by choosing one to focus on for let’s say a calendar quarter.  This will help you make a specific, targeted improvement.  Avoid trying to change 3 or 4 at once which may result in adopting none over the longer term.  After all, many are changes in behavior which is one of the most difficult changes to manage.

Be An Entrepreneur (applicable in any position)

Reading aboutThe Entrepreneur’s Ten Commandments” can provide some ideas on how to “improve your game” and personal performance.   Some qualities associated with entrepreneurs can be a good thing in any size of business environment.  There are a few authors out there on the web who discuss and list the “commandments”.  So, I looked back at my experience and decided to create my own version.  Ethics, Integrity, and Morality are assumed so not listed.

  1. Be an innovative solution’s expert
  2. Leverage the organization to get your job done
  3. Use analytics to make your case
  4. Established yourself as a “go to” person
  5. Understand how to influence your boss
  6. Look at the impact of your job on others
  7. Be a planner AND “implementor”
  8. Bring some humor to the table
  9. Sell the company; know about values, products, technology, company numbers
  10. Know about practice Behavioral Competencies


Risk and Caveat

There is a great saying that I heard many times as I went through my career.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”.  (Author: Reinhold Niebuhr)

Looking back, my experience would also advise that one should not let this get in the way of taking some chances, taking some risk, with the caveat being  when multiple  avenues of approach have been used, and  the  homework done,  and the case made, and with all that the oppression continues to grow, apply the wisdom card.