Be An Entrepreneur (applicable in any position)

Reading aboutThe Entrepreneur’s Ten Commandments” can provide some ideas on how to “improve your game” and personal performance.   Some qualities associated with entrepreneurs can be a good thing in any size of business environment.  There are a few authors out there on the web who discuss and list the “commandments”.  So, I looked back at my experience and decided to create my own version.  Ethics, Integrity, and Morality are assumed so not listed.

  1. Be an innovative solution’s expert
  2. Leverage the organization to get your job done
  3. Use analytics to make your case
  4. Established yourself as a “go to” person
  5. Understand how to influence your boss
  6. Look at the impact of your job on others
  7. Be a planner AND “implementor”
  8. Bring some humor to the table
  9. Sell the company; know about values, products, technology, company numbers
  10. Know about practice Behavioral Competencies


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