Working with the Boss

You can’t pick your boss (usually)… some keys to success:

  • Make him/her your partner through accomplishment and professional behavior
  • Be comprehensive, data driven, flexible, creative, a planner, find solutions.
  • Keep your accomplishments in front of your boss.  Written monthly or quarterly summaries will work…. also invaluable for the boss’s use and performance reviews and a database for updating CV’s
  • Sponsor time to talk about your career.
  • Be the bright spot in your boss’s work life, there are many who are not

If you have a miserable boss:

  • Find the value in your work
  • Make yourself valuable to other departments – build your reputation across the organization, through professional organizations, and peers in other organizations
  • If you decide to make a change… consider… “am I running from, or to”  “To” is good!

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