Talent Management

In the coming posts we’ll address the ever popular subject of Talent Management, that is, Capturing Talent and the many facets of Retention.  And the two share some common elements which you will find in the discussion.  As hard as one might want to draw a line between the two there are factors that overlap.  And as you read the discussion on this topic you might want to keep in the front of your mind that failure to attract and retain talent and critical resources can always be tracked to a management failure of some sort.  Process is important.  And, when the process fails it is usually on management’s shoulders.

In the end, the company needs to significantly differentiate itself, so much so that it eliminates other competing companies from the mind of the candidate.  No easy task considering the opportunities to screw up the recruiting and retention process.

As future posts discuss this topic, if you are looking for reasons why key resources quit the company, just consider why they stay and then consider the opposite.  For example, departures can be caused by lack of opportunity, poor communications, lack of challenge on the position, less than professional supervision, lack of career discussion and planning, lack of development and training and so on.  These factors cause departures, as well, are keys to retention. Get them right and retention probably won’t be a significant issue.  I used this graphic in seminars to capture some of the key factors:

TM image from IHRCC

They will be discussed in upcoming posts.

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