“A Deadbeat in Singapore”

I had finished a successful seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My customer’s Red n Black Dragonheadquarters (for this purpose “EDO” company) was based in Singapore.  I had the standard, signed consulting agreement and contract in place that I used with all customers.  EDO was a repeat customer with which I had no prior issues.  The contract required 50% of the professional fee wire transferred to my bank account in the US, two weeks prior to the work, with the balance to be wired to the account one week following the completion of the seminar. The customer wired the front end deposit on time.

Weeks passed after the work was completed and despite emails, calls, and registered letters I never heard from EDO.

So I contacted a former executive colleague who lived in Singapore seeking a reference for a reliable, trustworthy collection firm.  She was able to help, providing what turned out to be a great collection company to work with, DebtCollection.com.sg.  I hired the company.

I sent the firm the necessary information and they accepted the case.  I had my final payment in three weeks.  I called the firm to ask how they turned around the payment so quickly.  They said that letters, calls, and a face-to-face meeting with EDO yielded no results. So they parked their vehicles, which had the “DebtCollection.com.sg logos on the doors, in front of the homes of the EDO’s board of directors.  The collection company had the payment within 24 hours. The cost to me was 15%, well worth it just thinking about the embarrassment of EDO.

“Ya gotta love it”.

**** S&E ****

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