Talent Management – Retaining Key Resources

Retention covers a lot of ground.  There are many factors that contribute to success. TM image from IHRCCReferencing the “TM” model on the right, factors within most TM categories play a large role in retaining important resources in the organization.

The same retention issues have been plaguing businesses for a long time.  Brief research on the internet has repeatedly highlighted many of the same issues:

  • Lack of opportunity
  • Job not challenging
  • Absence of development & training (they are not the same)
  • Bad supervision
  • Compensation issues
  • New job not as described

There are businesses out there that find a way to be highly competitive and successful as well as sponsor and support cultures that are breeding grounds for talent.  “Fortune’s Best Companies to work for” provides great examples.  Fortune’s Best .  This blogger’s experience would suggest that a company does not have to be on “the list” to have a good “TM” culture, if in addition to focusing on process, technology, quality and customers, it expends similar energy on managing its talent.

In the main, poor supervision and leadership can usually be traced to being the root cause behind the issues listed above.

There are some professionals who do not seek higher ground, who like their job, and who are the solid performers and all that is a good thing.  They have basic needs for those conditions to remain constant.  And they look for many of the same things professionals with runway seek in a work environment.

It all starts with supervisors, managers and leaders who care, and who will take the Talent Management DNAtime to create and maintain a culture which is based on values and nourishes growth, development, careers, opportunities and challenges.  One could look at it as “Talent Management DNA”

Later posts will look at some of the detail within TM’s DNA.

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