A brief visit with “Leadership”

Some executives, great leaders, change the world; look at the tech giants for example.  Executives can change thousands of lives of the people associated with the business – employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and consumers to cite a few.  And, as well, communities.

Leaders touch, mold, and change the future, sometimes in small ways, sometimes the change is life changing.  One of my favorite quotes comes from teacher and astronaut, Christa McAuliffe, “I touch the future. I teach.”  Good teachers change many lives over their careers, as do many other professionals in various career occupations.

The personality of leadership encompasses many traits. Not among the least is Leadershipcourage.

I have seen people in organizations become global executives who never suspected or maybe even looked for a future that large.  And sometimes people just get better at their jobs (don’t change the world – it is all good).

There is just nothing more rewarding than investing time, and coaching, and mentoring, and providing guidance, and seeing a person reach goals, and make beneficial life decisions.  And, knowing that without that leadership, they may have otherwise not had the perspective or knowledge or skills to make those decisions or reach those goals.

And people who delve, or in some cases dive, into leadership roles can find that they learn as much as those who benefit from being associated with them.

And I committed to myself to stay away from political stuff on this blog… but if you would like to see the worst case, most dismal example, of leadership, observable by the world, there is always Washington, DC.  It is more enjoyable to focus on all the good examples out there.

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