Responsible Companies – Telltales

Many successful companies are well-respected for a number of reasons – great values, fair employers, responsible in their communities… things you just can’t find on an Income Statement or Balance Sheet.  Fortune magazine’s annual issue, “100 Best Companies to Work For”, provides real insights to the internal makeup of responsible companies.

Fortune 100 2018And citizens will find responsible companies often publishing “Giving” reports that summarize actions that document their commitment to their communities.

In the case of environmental catastrophes, companies of all types use their vast resources to assist.  In the recent, devastating hurricane that slammed the east coast, some of the companies participating: Tide, Pepsi, Lyft, JetBlue, 3M, Eaton Corporation, Florida Power & Light, tesla, Anheuser-Busch, Chef, José Andrés.  That is far from an inclusive list.

And, you just have to respect the power companies as caravans of vehicles from many states travel great distances down the interstates in route to assist in the disaster.

In contrast…  and probably in the minority, there are companies who just don’t get it… like the cable company that billed its customers at the end of the month in which a hurricane caused the area’s residents to be without cable and power, for a minimum of 6 days, 20% of the month, some much, much longer.

It is not about the money, it is about the thoughtlessness.

Here’s to the many companies that are responsible!



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