One of most difficult leadership jobs

Parenting !

One of most difficult leadership jobs in the world is raising and guiding your kids.  And it is a job that spans all borders, all countries, all families.  It is like being a CEO, so many complexities, but you can’t resign.  Here are some of the parenting essentials, as this blog looks back.  There are books, but there are no books. There are so many influences, so much to do, so many challenges… here is a partial list:Family Leadership

  • Peer group pressures
  • Giving them enough space (trust)
  • Providing guidance
  • Knowing when to “step in”
  • Accountability without pressure
  • Instilling values
  • Leading by example
  • Taking the time
  • Direction — considering their abilities
  • Keeping them involved and busy
  • Communications, communications, communications
  • Being open to feedback
  • Caring for the family unit
  • Having fun
  • Maintaining their respect
  • Discipline with understanding

So much more… so challenging… so difficult.

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