New Job, Promotion? Need a Road Map?

Your new job is likely not the same as the old one.  You might be working for a different company, or, promoted to a higher level in your current business.  Either way, here is basic road map to help you be successful.

New Job Sign“Know what you don’t know”.  You will have new internal customers, a different scope of responsibility, possibly a new boss, interfaces with new departments, and maybe need some new tools (skills) in your tool kit.  So, before you launch into action, take some time to understand your new position universe.  It will be important to your success and lessen the odds of early disasters.

Engage the boss to develop your objectives.  Some bosses are not attentive to that.  If that is the case develop a document that addresses what you plan to accomplish in the first three months and six months and year.  Create quarterly reports for the boss that document your progress and highlight key milestones, and continuing challenges if applicable.  This document is also a handy tool for the boss to chart your part of department progress to his/her superiors. It is a good way to highlight needed train and development areas and actions.  Importantly, you will find at year-end you have all the work and accomplishments documented for you annual performance review.  It beats trying to reconstruct the entire performance year at year-end… a risky and distasteful task. If the boss doesn’t like or do performance reviews, and there are some out there, you will have yours done to hand to your supervisor.

Look at how your work impacts other departments and customers.  Your new New Job Chartdeliverables need to add value for your internal customers. Your work will represent who you are and set future expectations of your value to the organization.

Learn which resources and opportunities for teamwork in your department and others are critical to leverage the organization to obtain assistance and to accomplish your work.

Take the time to learn !

Consider using an organization chart format to map out the high level elements that are important in your new job.  It can serve as a great visual and tool to engage the boss on your approach to your new job!

Never, ever, ever underestimate the value of accurate, timely, and ongoing communications as part of planning and implementation across the entire content of your new position. As in the case of behavior, communications impacts your daily work and is a huge factor in how you are perceived as a professional and effective team player. A behavioral psychologist and renowned expert in the communications field once noted: “When something goes wrong at work, 90% of the time it can be linked to communications”.

Earlier postings on this blog’s “Success” page have explained that more opportunities are lost and more career paths sidelined due to a lack of understanding of the importance of Behavior as it applies to all aspects of work.  Ref:  Influence: Impact of Behavioral Competencies on Careers


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