A Moment of Notoriety

Sitting in a New Bern, NC restaurant with friends, just finished eating.

Fleetwood MacWe are yet seated at the table and this 20 something strolls up to the table, politely excuses the intrusion, saying they swore I was Mick Fleetwood from the famous band, Fleetwood Mac.  And, she asked if I was.  I said no, I could tell by my bank account.

She stayed for a few minutes, fancifully and with great animation, going through her table’s conversation about, “is that really him” and we all talked about Fleetwood Mac.

Then she apologies again, and kindly, shyly asked me to stand so she could do a selfie with me. I did.

I relayed this tidbit to a friend of mine and he noted that I could not have been mistaken for Mick Fleetwood.  Mick is 6’3″ and your, 5’8″.  Notwithstanding my friend’s sarcastic comment…

…. I’m leaving for my world tour tomorrow!

***** S&E *****

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