“Secret Empires”

“Secret Empires” a book by Peter Schwiezer

I avoid political comments in this blog… but this one got the best of me!

The book can speak for itself.

Here’s an April 9, 2019 Washington Times analysis / opinion on the book “Secret Secret Empires CoverEmpires”.


I’m not buying the book; it will not change anything. And why aggravate yourself over stuff you can’t change. You say to me, “that is why we have elections, to change what we are unsatisfied with”. My response, “even if you elect 50 new congressional people, assuming they are all of the highest integrity and honesty, that is only a 10% change. The 10% is not going to change the 90%.

The only thing for certain is that “THEY”, for sure, will not change it.

Why would “THEY”?

I will continue to vote … hope springs eternal!

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