“I don’t have time to take vacation”

It was usual for a manager or professional (non-manager) to walk into the office for advice.  That was the job, giving “advice and direction” on a wide variety of subjects”.  And on some occasion the topic of vacation would surface.  And sometimes it was a positive conversation regaling how great the recent retreat was, and, on other occasions it was, “I don’t have time to take vacation”, or, “I’ll never get all my vacation in this year”, or, “I never take all my vacation”.

First off I would reference you to a recent posting on managing one’s time.  One of your “boxes” should be “vacation”  Looking for clarity…

On VacationThe boss or company will never come to you and suggest that you take vacation unless you are found sleeping at your workstation and in that event you might be given the vacation you do not want.  :<)

I started to list all the reasons why you should always see to it that you take time off and knowing that I would never come up with the all-inclusive list, and to make it easier, I went to the web  of course.

Here is a great reference as to “Why take vacation?


So, if you find yourself at the end of the business year with most of your vacation unused, it is not the company’s fault, which is a polite way of saying it is yours.

Make sure to take your vacation as seriously as you do your job!  It is important!

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