Evaluating your HR leader (leader is used generically — not all managers are leaders)

Depending on the business, a lot can sit on the shoulders of an HR leader, not to mention the fact that the function touches and impacts the entire organization.  So much so that the incumbent needs to be a sophisticated manager and leader.

Elevator Speech ImageHere is a checklist you might use to check on the value of your Human Resources leader, or, use as a development list.  This can apply to other leaders as well.

  • Has partnered with other leaders, team player
  • Provides creative solutions while operating within company policy, standards and values
  • Full-time positive attitude and thinker
  • Displays managerial courage
  • Has benefited from relocations and promotions
  • Is widely respected, of infallible integrity
  • Skilled communicator
  • Is proactive
  • Has professional presence
  • Known as smart, adaptable, creative
  • Recognized as a career coach
  • Can be aggressive when needed
  • Has a seat at the leadership table
  • Uses metrics
  • Recruits, assesses, and develops talent
  • Seeks understanding of business drivers, finances, and customers
  • Is tech savvy, analytical
  • Performance driven
  • Has balance and judgment
  • Is sought out for advice and counsel
  • Respected by industry & business colleagues
  • Appreciates humor
  • Can move between strategic and tactical work
  • An implementer

Has built a knowledge base and business acumen commensurate with or exceeding what is required of the level of assignment or position.

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