New Leader’s Orientation

You have a new job… You have 12 people reporting to you, two direct reports and the others reporting to them.


You absolutely need to have a meeting of “All Hands”, your direct and indirect reports, within the first few weeks on the job, notwithstanding who reports to who.  It is a prime opportunity, to set the standards and expectations, win them over, and dislodge any concerns about “the new boss”.  And, it is a prime opportunity to have an open exchange and discussion. Here are some suggested talking points:

  • Roadblocks and barriers
  • Schedule one on one’s
  • Open door
  • Have some fun, humor
  • About setting objectives
  • Expectations about performance
  • Boss’s role and responsibilities
  • Reports role and responsibilities
  • Importance of communications
  • Values and Ethics
  • Career help and assistance
  • Review the company’s behavioral competencies list (if one exist)
  • One-on-one followup schedule

In a much earlier posting, “A Leader’s Leader”, a brief entry was made on traits important to work and performance …. some applicable for noting in the ‘all hands” orientation, some for one-on-one followups. All are good for career coaching, improving performance, and mentoring.

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The Frightening Responsibility of Leadership

The link below will take you to the article titled “Making The Tough Calls”, written by Fast Company Editor-in Chief, Stephanie Mehta. She doesn’t need anyone paraphrasing for her. I just have to say that this captures the very scary responsibility of leadership and the importance of values at the foundation of business, especially as it relates to AI.

This is not a long read… but it should leave some weighty thoughts on your mind.

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What Rights? MY ANSWER!

I would like to know how the felon who shot, what was it, 12 cops, in Philadelphia during that standoff on August 14th, has rights. How about the rights of the cops that were shot and their families?

Now, with the felon in the judicial system, the tax payers will be paying for judges, courts, lawyers, and probably years of incarceration costs. And there have to be 1000’s of these guys (gun related crimes).

It is not the guns, it is the laws and convoluted legal and judicial system which permits the rights of innocent bystanders, first responders, and victims of crimes to suffer temporary or often lifetime pain and injuries while the system protects the “rights” criminals.

And, while our hopeless, gutless lawmakers cower under the influence of money from special interest groups, the laws remain far too lenient and the rights of victims forgotten.

Here is a link that puts the USA gun problem in perspective…

It is just enough to make you chew nails!

MY ANSWER? If you use a gun in a crime, attempted crime, you pay the ultimate price. No attorney, no court, no jail, no lawyer.

Oh, wait, let’s improve the background check system. I would speculate most gun related crimes are committed by criminals and felons and crazies who would obtain the gun they need, well outside the background check system. Here’s a chart that shows the overload on the NCIS Firearm background check system, how about 2+ million submissions in July 2019 alone. Can you just imagine the government managing that? It can’t. And to this blogger, background checks are not the answer.

Here’s the link:

Listening to XM news, in an interview with one of our federal law makers, he said that the answer to the assault weapon issue (which is just one gun relate problem) is a voluntary federal buy back program. I know the criminals and crazies and back woods militias will be standing in line to participate. The guy has his head in a place that is inappropriate for me to describe in this posting.


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