An anatomical look at stock market aliments…

There are a multitude of factors that drive stock market fluctuations that result in investor angst. And the human body is also subject to great health fluctuations caused by many factors to include genetics, living style, diet, and so on. The Market and the body share some common maladies. Some that come to mind…

  • Congressional Bacterial Infections
  • Media Mad Cow Disease
  • Presidential Influenza
  • Floor Trader Thrombosis
  • AOC Abnormalities
  • Interest Rate tumors
  • Wall Street Spasms
  • Trump Trama
  • Investor Shock
  • Biden Bullshootitis
  • International Gout
  • Leadership Lice
  • Supply and Demand Dracunculiasis
  • Blitzer Brain Seizure
  • Broker Diarrhea
  • Pelosi Plague

It is just enough to make you want to bury your money in the backyard!

***** S&E****

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