If Their Lips are Moving….

Well, if you did not not watch the “State of the Union” on Feb 4th, the NY Times fact check article (link below) hit the highlights and the absolute “stretching of he truth” by the president and both parties.  I remember someone describing teenage behavior as if “their lips are moving they’re lying”.  Politicians!  For those who did see it the divisiveness was palpable. Of course that is not new… but last evening defined “seeing is believing”.  I don’t credit any of them for having any stones.  But to put it on display for the world to see as they did last evening makes them all dolts in my book.

You just have to ask yourself what the hell are we paying those people for. Certainly not what we saw at the state of the union .. can’t imagine what the world thinks. And we are paying dearly! In 2019, Congressional pay — $174,000 per year, their pension is at an 80-percent rate, equates to a lifelong pension benefit of $139,200. The Speaker of the House, annual salary $223,500. I could not find a summary of their total compensation package (staff, office, travel, entertainment/business meertings, etc.) … many hundreds of thousands, each!

The third in line ! Can you imagine? That is a leadership statement, has nothing to do with political party, or sex. I always thought Condoleezza Rice, for one, would have made and excellent leader in any role to include president!

According to “allsides.com” the NY Times has a “lean-left” media bias rating (chart below) which is one notch left of center.

  I’ll be pushing up daisies in 5 to 10 according to the actuaries… it is the generations to come that I think about.

I did scan through other fact check sources… it appears most are not so different in their report. Here’s the Time’s:



**** S&E ****

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