Republican Presidential Survey: A Response:

I just received a “Republican Presidential Task Force Strategy Survey”.  I completed it and attached the note below to it!  I placed this on the blog’s “Success” Page as I believe we need a leader with these kinds of skills. 

My Note:

I completed this survey so you know where I stand on the listed issues.

I don’t vote for party.  I vote for leaders, regardless of party affiliation, but not for radicals.

I find it amazing that there is no question here where survey respondents can opt “yes” to reducing the size I government.

Trump is no leader.  Leaders chose talent to work for them.  They listen to their chosen experts in their respective field. They sponsor participative environments. They have vision; the best have some measure of humility. Here’s a list of significant leadership characteristics:

Honesty and integrity*ConfidenceInspire Others
Commitment and PassionGood CommunicatorDecision Making Capabilities
AccountabilityDelegation and EmpowermentCreativity and Innovation
Empathy*ResilienceEmotional Intelligence
HumilityTransparencyVision and Purpose
JudgementBalanceTeam Builder
Strategic Thinker

I’ve placed an asterisk by the characteristics Trump demonstrates. There are just two, and there are probably those who would argue with that.  He’s no leader!  At best he is divisive. 

You need to find and sponsor a new candidate for president.

And why would you survey the American People.  Any fool can identify the top key issues, as examples: Education, Infrastructure, National Debt, Size and Power of Government, availability and affordability of Healthcare, Economy, Crime, Immigration, Climate change.  Many corporate and business executives and managers handle much more than that list for their business in a year!  We have a president and 535 elected officials that can’t seem to manage a few of these.

Don’t send me anymore surveys!

***** S&E *****

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