A Message from the CEO…

This message from AMC Theaters CEO and President Adam Aron, was communicated to their valued A-List members, AMC Stubs members and guests on June 18th. Primarily it announced the opening of most of their theaters in the USA in July, as well as their aggressive plan to have patrons enjoy a safe experience. As important, the message also assured their customers of the companies sound financial position.

What I find really interesting is his reference to the difficulty of customers finding factual information. So well said!

Here’s an excerpt from the CEO’s communique:

“Finally, I am pleased to report that AMC Theaters is in an excellent financial position to welcome you back to our movie theaters. In recent weeks, you may have seen or read speculation about AMC’s future. In this time of great uncertainty, where facts are in short supply, speculation and guessing sometimes becomes the norm. Somehow, that speculation can become conventional wisdom, and that conventional wisdom in turn can be reported as truth. Let me say to all of you that so much of the speculation about AMC that was prevalent in the last several weeks was just plain wrong. In April, we successfully raised a half a billion dollars of new investment capital for AMC, and fortunately that puts us now in a position of considerable strength.”

“AMC was founded at the corner of 12th and Grand in Kansas City, Missouri in 1920, making this year our 100th Anniversary. Now that we can once again reopen our doors to you, we are so looking forward to another 100 years of making smiles happen.”

This blogger wishes AMC success and a safe reopening and future.

If you are interested in the entire message: http://view.email.amctheatres.com/?qs=8293c9696545df9bb91c3adb74d70f3ad75e54bc62d32e65b9c10803bf221213a875af32ca422c1bf402bbff3c1f895e4dcea66000b269df20176df317af642bb6baa35c03bcd757408ec6726fa62aeaccb0d91b76a5bd8f

Looks like AMC has may have some very talented leadership !

***** S&E *****

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