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From Investing.com : “The Most Expensive Military Vehicles Ever Built”

…. So decided to see how federal defense spending stacked up against federal spending on education. From one source — estimated Fed spending in 2021:  $1.2 Trillion on Pensions, $1 Trillion on Defense. 126 Billion on Education. Here is the chart (9/21/2020)


Is there something wrong with that “picture” …?

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On Wiping Out Racism in the USA…

My heart goes out to the people who suffer from racism and discrimination in the US.  It is sickening. But all the protests in all the cities and Washington, DC is not going to fix the problem.  Violence won’t work either, in fact, just intensifies the division and divisiveness.

You have heard this from me previously but it is worth repeating.  One needs to address the root cause to get the wheels back on the wagon.  

All those who suffer from this issue, and the rest of us as well,  need to fix it through legislation, change the law.  That start of the solution is to force Congress (both parties)  through the threat of voting action, to change the 1st amendment. Changing it so, by exception, it clearly outlaws the existence of groups that by broadest definition and behavior, have now or historically, demonstrated a racist and/or supremacist platform or tendencies. They need to be  eradicated. They should not be supported under freedom of speech, right to protest, and other amendments or laws. As long as the USA’s basic amendments and constitution can be interpreted to support racist and supremacist behavior, it is not likely we will smother the hate and ugliness in this country.

The 1st amendment Protects freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the right to petition the government.  

It took an amendment, the 13th, to abolish slavery!

And, the 19th for women’s suffrage rights.

It will take changing the 1st amendment to start eradicating the hate.

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