New Job … Expectations and Windows

A friend of mine has a shot at a Director’s job; obviously mucho younger then me. I had just commented to him that, within the scope and expectation the corporation has for the job, when your new you have a window of time to change it into what you want… so to a greater extent it is not so significant as to how the job was previously done. 

Clearly the boss has a “list” of  pluses and minuses as to how the previous incumbent did the job… so at the least he/she is probably looking for less minuses. 

From experience, the window of time, for example, six months, maybe a year on the outside, is when executives and subordinates expect any significant changes… that window of expectation diminishes as time wears on.  And it goes without saying that introducing significant change usually takes a period of introduction and conditioning to improve the probability of acceptance.

The one thing the corporation never abandons is the need for more… ya gotta laugh or you’d cry !

***** S&E *****

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