Another way of looking at “artificial intelligence”

Know these people?

Thinks he’s an expert, acts like an expert, talks incessantly, learns little.

Expresses opinions confidently without research and knowledge.

Thinks he knows, talks like he knows, but doesn’t.

Visibly poor listening skills.

Ego is the driver, underwritten by ignorance,

Failing to absorb,retain, and leverage the knowledge and skills of others, but speaking like he has.

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Log Entry No. 87: Really Nice Dad!

Cooter purchased an older house. There were a long list of projects, mostly repairs and some improvements, which included doors, windows, deck, finish basement, and on and on.

There were only two cable TV outlets in the walls, living room and family room. As the months went wore on Cooter’s kids, Soot and Creek asked for TV’s in their rooms. Cooter, anticipating this was going to be a done deal, purchased the necessary cable, wall outlets, and plates to install the cable outlets in their rooms. To do so, he had to drop and pull cable lines through the attic and down the inside the walls of bedrooms.

He started the install on Saturday. Cooter pulled down the ceiling steps on the second floor hallway ceiling and climbed up into the attic with a collection of hand and power tools to begin the cable job. Accessing the walls studs from the attic went fairly well in most rooms, except for one. There is always one! To access the wall studs in the “one” he had to crawl into the attic area on all fours as the pitch of the roof narrowed to meet the attic flooring. With some difficulty and time he was successful in locating the wall joists, drilling the holes and dropping the cable line.

In the meantime, unbeknownst to Cooter, his 5 year old Soot, had climbed up the attic drop-down stairs and quietly situated himself on a storage box to the watch his dad work. Cooter finished the last room, was crawling backwards out of the narrow work space and in the process of raising his head ran a protruding roofing nail into his skull. Cooter in excruciating pain, called on his full vocab, loudly expressing how pissed he was for not remembering roofing nails protrude through the roofing plywood.

Soot, sitting on the storage box adjacent to his dad, could clearly hear the extended, continuing string of foul language. It was Cooter’s best effort. It included body parts, lewd acts, and religious references. Soot in response, loudly called out, “Really nice language, Dad!”

There is no moral to this entry. If the kids don’t learn it from the old man, the kids are fully language capable, thanks to their peers, by the time they reach first grade. In the case of Cooter’s kids, they learned it on the school bus.

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Trump’s Trade war with China … just more Stupidity!

(an operating note to our new president)

Trump’s Trade war with China … just more stupidity!

A policy of nationalism is just plain inept business thinking and leadership.  It is a global world and global economy. It’s highly unlikely that any nation can grow and prosper on its own, internally.  China is the world’s second largest economy.  We should be working toward partnership not punishment. Why would the country want to alienate the second largest economy in the world? Sure China has some big issues  … human rights, technology and intellectual property infringement to mention some.  But the USA can’t cast any stones, we have got our own messes.  Punish China, to the extent the US can, the US punishes itself.  Better to “partner up” for shared economic advantages and work on the other issues separately, leveraging a good relationship.

Read about the damage from Trump’s trade war with China:  From the Brookings Institution

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