Trump’s Trade war with China … just more Stupidity!

(an operating note to our new president)

Trump’s Trade war with China … just more stupidity!

A policy of nationalism is just plain inept business thinking and leadership.  It is a global world and global economy. It’s highly unlikely that any nation can grow and prosper on its own, internally.  China is the world’s second largest economy.  We should be working toward partnership not punishment. Why would the country want to alienate the second largest economy in the world? Sure China has some big issues  … human rights, technology and intellectual property infringement to mention some.  But the USA can’t cast any stones, we have got our own messes.  Punish China, to the extent the US can, the US punishes itself.  Better to “partner up” for shared economic advantages and work on the other issues separately, leveraging a good relationship.

Read about the damage from Trump’s trade war with China:  From the Brookings Institution

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