Family Puppet Show

Want to have some hilarious fun the next time the fam is gathered?

Well then, make some hand puppets!

How: You just need cardboard, wire ties, hot glue and visit the goodwill store and get ya some shirts — use the sleeves for the puppet bodies. Bend a piece of cardboard into a mouth.  Push the wire ties through the top and bottom of the cardboard for hand holds.  Pull a shirt sleeve over the cardboard, hot glue the assembly.  On the puppet, hot glue different eye balls , yarn for hair, sleeve material to add tongues to the puppet.  Eyeballs can be cotton balls, 410 shotgun shells, dog treats, bottle caps, beer caps, plumbing or electrical parts etc.  Limited only by the  imagination.

Make a puppet stage:  put a board like a 1 x 2 over two  high back chairs or stools, cover with a sheet and put a chair behind it for a puppeteer to sit on.

Make some assignments: assigning one family member to talk about another member using his/her puppet. You might see where this could go.  And that is exactly where it went when we did it !

Each family member then is a puppeteer, takes a turn sitting behind the stage, and uses the puppet to talk about another family member.  Hugely, hugely, hugely hilarious !!!  It is a guaranteed side-splitting comedy that changes with every puppeteer !

You are welcome !!!!

***** S&E *****

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