Windows of Time…

Time does fly. That recently dawned on me when I lost my sister-in-law and was writing a note about all the good times we spent at her house 6 hours away in Asheville NC.  I made a list of all those great moments, holidays, and visits and sent it to her siblings and my sons.  The list probably covered 12 years so there were many to recall.  

It also dawned on me that those 12 years, not an insignificant time period, represented a window of time that has now passed, closed forever.  And for the remaining family, we all yet have a window of time to enjoy.  Like many families, we are dispersed across the USA… CA, MD, TX, NC, CO, and PA.  And, our window of time remains open!  

It may be difficult, inconvenient, hard to schedule, can take some effort, can be expensive for some to get together… but those windows of time WILL  close… !

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One thought on “Windows of Time…

  1. Great Post, so many windows of time, so many different “Chapters In Life” all with beautiful windows of memories to reflect on and know how blessed we have been!


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