Waiting for it …

This blogger has been waiting for America’s CEO’s to stand up to the political mess and corruption… this is a good start:

CNN, April 12th: “CEOs vow to fight voting restrictions despite threats from Trump and McConnell

Those two losers will never beat USA Corporations and their leaders.

Here is the full article:

CEO’s and voting restrictions

In balance I do understand why talented executives and CEO’s avoid wadding into the corrupt, self-serving cesspool in DC.

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“They Are Different”

There is a highly visible investment company out there whose media ads are plainly misleading, and border on being just plain false.  Maybe you will recognize their claims… They present themselves as “different” from other investment firms and advisors.

“We are different” as our advisor compensation is linked to investor success, “We earn more when you earn more”. That is not a differentiator as many firms follow the Assets Under Management compensation method for their investment advisors.

“We are different” as we do not put investors in “cookie cutter” investment plans, our plans are individually tailored to investor’s needs. More BS… most certainly the company takes investors through the typical… risk tolerance – goal – objective – age scenarios and alternative mixes of investments and options. That methodology is used by many investment firms and advisors.

“We are different” as our advisors are fiduciaries and must act in the best interest of clients…  not different, many/most investment advisors are registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a state securities regulator and must act as fiduciaries.

I suppose “they” could make the argument that “they” are different from SOME… however that would probably be a small minority of investment firms and advisors.

“Just saying”….

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