January 6th Commission on the DC Capital riot?

(some congress people describe the event as “like an ordinary tourist’s day” while they hid behind their desks in locked offices). Our Leaders.

Yes, let’s form a commission!

Congress is debating if we need a commission to investigate the January 6th capital riot.

Why do we need a commission? The FBI has arrested 400+ people, many of the the hate groups that participated are now known, a cop was killed, government property destroy, and the media and private videos do a great job of documenting the “typical day”.

An ordinary tourist day…

They will never touch Trump.

This blog is not about political stuff but some things it just can’t let go…

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Politically Blind or Politically Smart?

So the road sign read, “vote republican”. Do you know people who are politically party-blind?

When they vote, when they voice their opinion, do they speak their own mind, offer a fact-based opinion, and not just what their preferred political party or media is saying?

Are they in tune with what is good for the country, what benefits all types of people, what would be good for business, what are the key improvements for the country? And, not just the slanted media hype which has little balance and sometimes lacks factual reporting.

“Political party blind” is voting a straight party ticket as compared to voting for the candidate who will best serve the country. It is voting the party without doing research on each individual candidate, knowing their preferences, past history from a decision standpoint, how they may have voted previously, and what they are saying about, let’s say, the eight most important issues facing citizens today.

There is much evidence out there as to what those issues might be — jobs, health care, national debt, term limits, international involvement, etc. One could use the list to evaluate and guide voting preferences based on candidate behavior and background.

The other list that is so important are things like courage, integrity, leadership, team player. Consider your political choices in the light of people you are proud of in your personal life — siblings, bosses, friends, relatives. Make the comparison.

Candidates often have websites however actions can speak louder than words.

Consider working toward being politically smart… not a blind follower of a single political party.

And it is good to be aware of and sensitive to the slant of media.

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What Vacation…!

Chris worked in HR. He told me at times managers would stop in to discuss various issues and occasionally as a side note would mention they were so busy they just couldn’t get all their vacation in, in the year.

He said his advice on the vacation problem might include:

  1. Look at your department’s workload and assess how the work is delegated.
  2. Are you doing the work of others; over managing?
  3. Do you have the right talent for the work?
  4. Is your department leveraging the support of other departments.
  5. Have your employees map / flow chart the work; look for inefficiencies and process improvement
  6. Make an argument for additional employees; make sure the case is analytical, data driven. Item 5 above might help.
  7. Work-life balance can be a real issue; look for solutions. Ask for help.

And he always would remind the manager, “the company will never come to you and suggest you take some vacation”.

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World Traveling

The cover on the Kindle Reader shows a sailing schooner and the title, “Time to Travel”.

Lucky as it was, the job progressed in size and complexity to where it spanned extensive travel over the course of 19 years, 30 percent of the time, to all world continents. Three years was spent looking over Asia Pacific while living in Shanghai (China).

Busy, Busy… between family and work and many days it went well past the 8 to 5 window, and some weekends, and some weekday nights. There was little time for much else. But no complaints — few have the opportunity for such a rich, diverse and challenging career and life. Anyway, “hung it up” on May 1st.

T-Shirt Art Work

So years into retirement and living the retirement “plan” reading increased 10 fold. It was on the “list”… not calling it a bucket, rather what to enjoy in later years. To cement the plan, or at least to have some commitment to the plan, to have a direction, there was a t-shirt created (better than a mug, a little). It was given to domestic and international co-workers and family as a thanks for my traveling adventures and their friendships, and loyalty and patience.

Back to traveling… the wonder of books is they can take one anywhere, whenever one wants to take the time to go. And one can choose the destination!

(Also, had to put the real travel on hold while the world gets a handle on COVID-19).

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I’m not sure how many citizens know that the health of business is the heartbeat of economy. And even with all the tech in business today, thousands of businesses yet rely on employees to create, produce, and sell their products.

Ask Matthew Lesko !

So, with no research, there are readily available stats out there that document the fact that many business can’t get the employees they need to operate. Why? Well, many people can make more money staying at home living off government programs than they can working.

Nice job Washington DC. Well Done. Keep up the good work.

The states share much of the responsibility for this.

This May 4th ’21 article from CNN Business describes how bad the employee shortage is in all levels of employees.

Update, May 6th, XM radio… 1000’s of restaurants struggling for help, live interviews with owners say people can earn more at home than working. Additional $300 per week, unemployment benefits will last until September. Restaurant traffic is at 95% of pre-COVID-19 volume.

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Advice to a mentee

Do not be in a hurry; you will miss valuable observations and learning.  There are those who are successful in “moving up” quickly but miss important learning along the way.  That can threaten ongoing success.

Learn from everyone; learn from poor leaders and managers, as well as the icons. 

Business Acumen is the one of the most important assets you can own. Work within your function and learn all you can about others. Multi-functional knowledge is so valuable. About Business Acumen:


Find a way to work in a foreign country for a few years. Develop local, national and global perspective and knowledge. Alternatively work toward a position with international content and responsibility.

Always be positive, be the bright spot in the business lives or your co-workers and the boss.  Humor is contagious.

Be passionate about your work and performance; but always leave space for others.

Fine tune your professional presence – in presentations, meetings, and in your business travels. Influence is an important factor for success.

Analytics… they are the language of business.  Look for creative ways to analyze your work and use the analytics to support your opinions.

Values drive success and respect – think honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, selflessness; have your own value code and let it drive your life and career. Strive for a balance in your perspective and decision making.

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