Advice to a mentee

Do not be in a hurry; you will miss valuable observations and learning.  There are those who are successful in “moving up” quickly but miss important learning along the way.  That can threaten ongoing success.

Learn from everyone; learn from poor leaders and managers, as well as the icons. 

Business Acumen is the one of the most important assets you can own. Work within your function and learn all you can about others. Multi-functional knowledge is so valuable. About Business Acumen:

Find a way to work in a foreign country for a few years. Develop local, national and global perspective and knowledge. Alternatively work toward a position with international content and responsibility.

Always be positive, be the bright spot in the business lives or your co-workers and the boss.  Humor is contagious.

Be passionate about your work and performance; but always leave space for others.

Fine tune your professional presence – in presentations, meetings, and in your business travels. Influence is an important factor for success.

Analytics… they are the language of business.  Look for creative ways to analyze your work and use the analytics to support your opinions.

Values drive success and respect – think honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, selflessness; have your own value code and let it drive your life and career. Strive for a balance in your perspective and decision making.

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