I’m not sure how many citizens know that the health of business is the heartbeat of economy. And even with all the tech in business today, thousands of businesses yet rely on employees to create, produce, and sell their products.

Ask Matthew Lesko !

So, with no research, there are readily available stats out there that document the fact that many business can’t get the employees they need to operate. Why? Well, many people can make more money staying at home living off government programs than they can working.

Nice job Washington DC. Well Done. Keep up the good work.

The states share much of the responsibility for this.

This May 4th ’21 article from CNN Business describes how bad the employee shortage is in all levels of employees.

Update, May 6th, XM radio… 1000’s of restaurants struggling for help, live interviews with owners say people can earn more at home than working. Additional $300 per week, unemployment benefits will last until September. Restaurant traffic is at 95% of pre-COVID-19 volume.

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