Log Entry no. 517: RTFM

(RTFM: read the friggin’ manual)

Cooter’s son moved into a townhouse. It had a two car garage with one door serving both bays, but no garage door opener. Cooter told his son he was buying him a ceiling mounted, electric door opener as a house warming present. So, Cooter went to the hardware big box store and purchased a recommended brand of opener.

Cooter’s son worked full time so he enlisted the help of his friend Axle to assist with the installation. The two spent four hours unboxing and wading through parts and parts bags and began the install. It included installing a new header, cutting, bending supports, drilling, wiring the controls, in all a little more than the two bargained for. Finishing the install, Cooter and Axle, pushed the wall control button and proudly watched the door operate flawlessly. They never read the instructions. They had left over parts which were put aside with the thought that it was good of the factory to provide “extras”.

Two days later Cooter’s son called to say that the door stopped working.

Cooter and Axle went to the house and after a thorough visual inspection dug out the instructions as a last resort. All remained a mystery until Axle said to Cooter, “look at the picture on the box”. It was crystal clear that the head unit which housed the motor and drive shaft for the opener was installed backwards. Backwards! Hours later they had switched the unit around and in doing so found the use of the “spare parts” from the factory.

A popular story in the family to this day! Pure genius!

***** S&E *****

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