Log Entry No. 223: “I Had Some Drinks With MY Drinks”

Fred says he’s going to make this into a sign for his man cave.  The phrase, “I had some Drinks with my Drinks” originated from an incident some years ago with the state police at a traffic stop at about 10:30 pm on a well traveled two lane country road, a state highway.

Fred had the out of town family in for the holiday… his two sons, their girls, and another couple, all thirty something (not Fred).  The agenda for the weekend — beach, boating, grilling and a steady diet of libations.

Eating out was on the schedule one evening so the group, in two cars, drove to the beach to a waterfront restaurant.  From Fred’s home it was 15 miles of country road, no stop signs, no lights, to get there, to include passing over a 65 foot high bridge that spanned the eastern intercoastal waterway (ICW).  Fred was driving, and had a few over the course of the day.  At dinner a couple more.

On the return home, they reach the apex of the ICW bridge, Fred’s car is leading, only to see a State Police traffic checkpoint on the down-hill side, at the bottom of the hill … a country road, no place to go, no turnoff, no place to hide, 10:30 at night.

The ICW Bridge, Rte 101, Beaufort NC

Fred is stopped, surrenders his license and registration only to hear the officer say, “It smells of alcohol in here”.  Fred’s son is in the back seat hurriedly kicking an empty 16oz can of Four Loko under the seat. Another passenger is hiding an open container. 

Officer: Where are you coming from? 

Fred: Dinner along the waterfront. 

Officer: Did you have anything to drink?

(And at this point, out of Fred’s mouth, is born a phrase which continues to be retold hundreds of times and remains infamous among his family and friends, and may very well appear on Fred’s headstone)

Fred: nervous, (meaning to say I had a drink with my dinner) responds to the officer, “I had some drinks with my drinks”. 

From the back seat from another family member comes an audibly clear, “Oh no!”

Officer: I’ll be right back. 

He returns with a breathalyzer, Fred gets tested.  The officer momentarily returns to his cruiser, comes back with Fred’s papers and says, I’m letting you go, drive carefully.  Fred thought he would hear, “step out of the car son”. He envisioned a ride to the slammer.  Amazingly enough, the second family car made it through the checkpoint as well.

One would say that Ubers should have been used for that evening. Where Fred lived there were no Ubers.

“I had some drinks with my drinks”.

***** S&E  *****

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