The Other Great Divide

In the last few weeks I received two communications via snail mail from the Republican National Committee.  Both asked for money under the guise of “Voter Affiliation Tracking” and “Congressional District Canvass”.

I’m a registered Republican as if you register as an independent you can’t vote in the primaries. And I research and vote for the best candidate, regardless of political affiliation.

Both communications (re: first paragraph) reeked of “stop Joe Biden”, “counter democrats”, “budget busting, freedom-destroying, big government, socialists agenda”, “failed leadership”, and on and on and on.

Nothing about finding a way to work together, with the other party, to address the country’s major issues!

One of the leading Republicans, Mitch McConnell, was quoted early as saying, “there will be no legislative agenda in the Senate until after midterm elections.  Read about it.

I believe that explains the division.  As I have written previously, it is a war between the political parties; it is not about managing, leading and running the country.

It is scary as there appears to be no fix to this “great divide” which, through bad leadership, spreads like a virus across the country. So badly broken!

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