Boat trip: eastern ICW

Helping a friend’s sail his 48′ Beneteau from Florida to South Carolina. Summary:

Beautiful Scenery. Great meals, all but two meals on the boat over the 6 days

  • Great crew — experienced thoughtful, considerate, funny
  • Most of the trip on eastern ICW; weather good 5 of 6 days
  • ​Boat well provisioned​
  • The two ocean legs: one perfect, the other we were forced out by an ICW Bridge closure. Tough​, heavy ​​fog, sailing by instrument; markers hard to find, rough ocean for 20 miles; crew nervous.
  • Only one night in a city port, all others anchored out
  • Long happy hours from 5 pm on
  • Underway each day, non-stop, from 7:30 to 5 or so
  • Although beautiful, most days 7 mph all day up the ICW… can  get boring.  Crew conversation and humor helped!
  • Great trip.

***** S&E *****

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