Applying Personal Judgment to influential Sources

… or being influenced without processing the information through your personal judgment.

A few days ago I listened to a nationally televised news program that highlighted the influence of talk radio shows. In recent years I had never given radio much thought. Most of my exposure to radio was/is while driving — music and some news broadcasts. The show went on to highlight significant talk radio personalities who remain highly influential with millions of followers.

The above is just and example of people who use the power of the media to sway and influence public opinion — people — individuals. And there many other people and forms of media that also influence opinion. And depending on your view that media content can be valuable or junk — either can be influential!

The point of this post is I feel far, far, far too many people are influenced with out looking at multiple sources that offer varied views on the subject. Far too many are influenced without doing their own research. Followers. With the internet widely available today, research is easy.

Influence absent personal Judgment — formation of mindless opinions often leading to bad decisions.

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