You can’t make this stuff up

Ethel was 5’1″ tall, age 23. A guy she dated, Hector, filed a domestic abuse complaint against her. He was 6’1, 220 pounds. Ethel did not have a history of finding great guys.

She solicited help from the public defenders office, the assistant district attorney (ADA). The ADA told the prosecuting attorney that if he didn’t find in Ethel’s favor and drop the case, she would look forward to taking it to court and watching the judges reaction to Ethel, 5’1″ allegedly abusing Hector, 6’1, 220 pounds.

Ethel was in the ADA office when the 6’1″, 220 pound plaintiff, Hector, walked in the building. He passed the ADA in the hallway. The ADA immediately hunted down two police offers in the building and told them that the guy smelled like a marijuana joint. The cops approach the guy, gained entry to his car and told the ADA that there was smoking joint in the car. Hector was arrested for possession and the prosecuting attorney dropped the case against Ethel.

You just can’t make that stuff up… : < )

***** S&E *****

One thought on “You can’t make this stuff up

  1. loved reading your post.
    This is what I love in your post
    Ethel was amazing and there was no chance of this happening.
    Thanks, Ely Shemer


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