It is all about Leadership

I noticed this image in an article on leadership.

And it struck me that articles and publications on leadership continue on a regular basis. I did a bit of research on the status of leadership in business and industry. I found this to be my preferred image representing the topic.

It does a good job of representing the differences between management and leadership. It also certainly depicts the complexity of great leadership. That is, the many and varied actions, traits and behaviors necessary to lead and manage effectively.

So aside from terminations for cause and business downsizing/involuntary turnover driven by economic fluctuations, the leading causes of voluntary employee turnover is, by many sources, laid at the feet of leadership (failures).

Fifty-two percent of exiting employees say that their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job. (Gallup Poll). And according to, here are some of the major causes for employee turnover:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the overall turnover rate is 57.3 %, but that number drops to 25% when considering only voluntary turnover, 29% when considering involuntary turnover, and just 3% when looking at only high-performers.

Almost 25%, that is huge and expensive. And considering high performers make up a very small percentage of the workforce, that turnover is insignificant as the heart of the workforce is experiencing the greatest percentage of voluntary turnover.

It Is All About Leadership!

Look at the causes of voluntary turnover, the reciprocals of those causes are the solutions!

“Join a company, quit a boss”.

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A New Pupster

In an earlier post I noted how tough it was to say goodbye to our Labradoodle of 15 years.

So there is an ongoing conversation about another one. And not just us, lots of pressure from the kids (41 and 44 — still kids) about getting another pupster. They like big, like a Bernedoodle, 80 pounds would be on the small side! They do not live at our home so big is OK with them as they are not here to suffer through puppy-hood. If they were home I’m sure they would be missing in action most of the time when it came time to care for the mutt.

And we want another pup but I thought I’d use the blog to write down just some of the reasons why, NOT YET!

When we pull the trigger on a pup, it will be another doodle of sorts. It’s got to be a pup.

Why not (in order of importance)?

  • Travel restrictions
  • Time with mutt
  • Surviving puppy-hood
  • Property damage (Teething)
  • Indoor accidents
  • Vet costs

I’m not listing all the reasons why we should go get another doodle as it would only be cannon fodder for running out and getting one. : < )

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Audience Power !

This is significant:

February 23, 2023, news article: Supreme Court hears Gonzalez v. Google, focused on whether YouTube is exempt from liability for terrorist content uploaded to the platform; case has potential ramifications for how internet companies moderate content on their site”

When this graphic from “Chartr” is considered:

Then think of the impact of the media, and specifically harmful or radical content, on the kids and young adults who are in highly impressionable age groups.

Latest update. The judges say they are worried about lawsuits. Well, judges, you could always throw them out if they are frivolous.

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