A New Pupster

In an earlier post https://successnexcess.com/2022/12/18/saying-goodbye-to-shelby/ I noted how tough it was to say goodbye to our Labradoodle of 15 years.

So there is an ongoing conversation about another one. And not just us, lots of pressure from the kids (41 and 44 — still kids) about getting another pupster. They like big, like a Bernedoodle, 80 pounds would be on the small side! They do not live at our home so big is OK with them as they are not here to suffer through puppy-hood. If they were home I’m sure they would be missing in action most of the time when it came time to care for the mutt.

And we want another pup but I thought I’d use the blog to write down just some of the reasons why, NOT YET!

When we pull the trigger on a pup, it will be another doodle of sorts. It’s got to be a pup.

Why not (in order of importance)?

  • Travel restrictions
  • Time with mutt
  • Surviving puppy-hood
  • Property damage (Teething)
  • Indoor accidents
  • Vet costs

I’m not listing all the reasons why we should go get another doodle as it would only be cannon fodder for running out and getting one. : < )

***** S&E *****

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