A few different “takes” on employee retention!

There is a lot “out there” about what it takes to retain employees; an especially challenging job in these times when the country is dotted with help wanted signs and incentives offered as part of recruiting packages.

If you are leading an organization, or are otherwise in a position of influence in the company, here is another “entry” on why employees “jump ship”. It is always good to keep this in front of the organizations managers and supervisors. Their attitude toward retention, and their related behavior, speaks to the quality of company culture and that is everything! That is the difference in retaining talent, and not.

This was published recently by Fast Company Magazine… I found a few different “takes” in this.

“Seven mistakes organizations make that cause employees to quit.”

“The decision to leave an organization doesn’t just happen overnight.”

Here is a summary:

  • Lack of Appreciation
  • Unfairness and favoritism
  • Allowing no autonomy over one’s work
  • Showing no interest in employees’ passions 
  • One-size-fits-all staff appreciation
  • A lack of meaning
  • A lack of fun and play

About the author

Harvey Deutschendorf is an emotional intelligence expert, author and speaker. To take the EI Quiz go to theotherkindofsmart.com

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