Understanding The Message?

A common assumption about communicating a message is thinking that it is understood.

Many factors affect the effectiveness a message including the medium used to communicate, the media used to deliver it, the tone of it, the intended audience, and avenues of feedback.

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Log Entry No. 33: “Greeting” Cards…

It is not about greeting cards… it is about how much enjoyment you can have creating custom greeting cards. The software is out there to download or use online.

In 2005 I created the “Fire-in-the-Hole Card Company” (Fithco). It’s copyrighted. So don’t even think about using the name. :>) I created it but never marketed the Card Company. I just wanted a name or label to identify all the humorous and insulting cards I created for friends and family. Many are humorous. A few were not insulting. All are PG 13 or greater.

Here is the original logo of Fithco. It is the family dog as well as the Fithco business card. The Logo also appears on the back cover of all cards.

There is so much material (the family and our friends keep on creating material) that the opportunities and targets are always there. Since its inception, I have created more than 150 custom greeting cards for all sorts of occasions, events and to highlight screw ups that in some cases have become family stories. You can read about some, on this blog. The stories are called “Log Entries”.

I have been part of, created, and witnessed many of the Log Entries. They are all true. And in some cases they create the source of information for the greeting cards. Currently, I have assembled all the Log Entries in a book I intend on taking public, called “The Book of Log Entries”. There are more than 45 stories in the Book to date. Most are 1 page.

We all love our dogs. And the best part about using them as part of a logo, they don’t complain, don’t charge fees, don’t care what their pics look like, and their stuff is not copyrighted. Most importantly they don’t sue you for any number of frivolous or false offenses. imagined and created by money hungry judicial system “professionals”.

Recently, I adopted a new logo for the greeting cards; another family dog. The photo was so inspiring, I decided to change out the original logo (above). Here is the new logo at the right. Absolutely inspiring!

At the left is an example of a cover of a card made for a family friend, a graduating high school senior.

As we speak, I am confident family and friends are unknowingly creating more material for the “Fire-in-the-Hole” card company.

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