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More stimulus is probably on its way in the form of trillions.  No choice, millions of people have no jobs, no income, probably no savings; many can’t put food on the table. Maybe no IRA’s. And small business is at best struggling.   Many organizations are trying to help.

The Dilemma:  As stimulus packages created for a variety of reasons take the form of trillions of dollars, the government is driving the country’s debt toward $30 trillion.  There is nothing coming out of DC, nothing, not a word, not a peep, out of our DC “leadership”, on reducing spending, reducing the size of government, reducing foreign aid and gifts, to cite a few examples, to stop / offset years of fiscal irresponsibility, and, address the spiraling debt.   You never hear a word about the debt.

As of January 17, 2021 7:28 AM


It will undoubtedly be extremely painful to fix it.  And who in their right minds believes that a DC forecast of negative budgets will be offset by a 10 year forecast of increased tax revenues from future economic prosperity,

“C’Mon Man!”

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Getting to the Root Cause

The answer to getting at the root cause of the mess the world witnessed in DC this past week, January 6, 2021, is to amend the constitution, removing the rights under the constitution, of groups found to be discriminatory, white supremacists, militias, and similar. 

Supporters of President Donald Trump climb the West wall of the the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

These groups hide behind the right to assembly, the right of free speech, and other constitutional protections.  When their actions, words, symbols infringe on the rights and freedoms of others and promote hate and discrimination, they should be banned and prosecuted under amended law.  Democracy should not apply in their case.  They are plain simply criminals and should be prosecuted as such.  The country needs to rid itself of this disease!  It is hate and divisive.  

How big an insurrection will it take for Congress to act.  Change the law and create a legal platform to act.

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Family Puppet Show

Want to have some hilarious fun the next time the fam is gathered?

Well then, make some hand puppets!

How: You just need cardboard, wire ties, hot glue and visit the goodwill store and get ya some shirts — use the sleeves for the puppet bodies. Bend a piece of cardboard into a mouth.  Push the wire ties through the top and bottom of the cardboard for hand holds.  Pull a shirt sleeve over the cardboard, hot glue the assembly.  On the puppet, hot glue different eye balls , yarn for hair, sleeve material to add tongues to the puppet.  Eyeballs can be cotton balls, 410 shotgun shells, dog treats, bottle caps, beer caps, plumbing or electrical parts etc.  Limited only by the  imagination.

Make a puppet stage:  put a board like a 1 x 2 over two  high back chairs or stools, cover with a sheet and put a chair behind it for a puppeteer to sit on.

Make some assignments: assigning one family member to talk about another member using his/her puppet. You might see where this could go.  And that is exactly where it went when we did it !

Each family member then is a puppeteer, takes a turn sitting behind the stage, and uses the puppet to talk about another family member.  Hugely, hugely, hugely hilarious !!!  It is a guaranteed side-splitting comedy that changes with every puppeteer !

You are welcome !!!!

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The Seven Wonders

A friend of mine shared this with me.

A teacher in an elementary school asked her class to identify the Seven Wonders of the World from a list provided to them… most did well, the majority voting that the list would include the Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Empire State Building, the Panama Canal, Taj Mahal, St, Peter’s Basilica, and the Grand Canyon.

She noticed one quiet girl who did not submit her vote so she asked if she needed help. The girl said she could not make up her mind as there were so many choices. The teacher said, “Well tell us what you have and maybe we can help. What do you think should be on the list.”

The girl hesitated a little then said, “I think the Seven Wonders of the World are:

To Touch. To See, To Hear, To Taste, To Smell, To Feel, To Laugh, To Love.

Source: https://www.ntd.com/about.html

Maybe the eighth Wonder is in an elementary school.

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Another way of looking at “artificial intelligence”

Know these people?

Thinks he’s an expert, acts like an expert, talks incessantly, learns little.

Expresses opinions confidently without research and knowledge.

Thinks he knows, talks like he knows, but doesn’t.

Visibly poor listening skills.

Ego is the driver, underwritten by ignorance,

Failing to absorb,retain, and leverage the knowledge and skills of others, but speaking like he has.

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Hey Mitch…!

CNN: Oct 21  “5 Things” 

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, is not so bullish (on a relief package) and has warned the White House that getting behind a proposal with Dems (Democrat’s)  before the election could badly divide Senate Republicans.”

So there you have it.  Unemployment claims approaching a million, food lines bursting, small businesses struggling, COVID case numbers going straight up… and the leader of the US Senate is worrying about a party divide over package negotiations in the Senate.

Hey Mitch!  How about the people!  Looks like the only person you are representing is yourself !

Washington DC… an absolute &!q#4 hole.

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A very short story…

… and small victories…

The kitchen silverware drawers have separators for knives, forks, spoons, etc., but not for each size of each.  So all forks, notwithstanding the size, go in one section. 

Yesssss !

Recently, he was advised when he offered to put away the eating utensils from the dishwasher, he was no longer permitted to do that as he did not do a good job of stacking them by size.  Yes, he said, he could replace the separators so each size had its own section.  But, he asked, why would he do that?  There are many things he likes to do everyday and that isn’t anywhere near the top of the list!

He says small victories are important!


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Global Scams and Fraud

Many citizens are aware enough to avoid wide spread scams and fraud. This extensive article from the April 2020 AARP Bulletin describes just how sophisticated and global this stuff has become. Many organizations specializing in it sound and look like legitimate well run and organized businesses.

Here is a link to the article:


Stay safe out there!

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