Burger Time !

So when your kid, now age 38, works in technology, is a gamer, and nerd, sometimes on the occasions where gifts are given, this is what you get. His brother pitched in too for Dad’s Day.   I”m not complaining… the man cave has some tech in it and this will be a great addition.

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My Friend Harv…

The call on June 4, at 8:15 AM… just may stay with me forever.

He was just such an exceptional human being.  Funny, humble, caring, considerate, patient, kind… I’m not going to finish the list as it is very long.  But what says it all to me is how Harv viewed others, his expression, “You don’t know until you have walked in their shoes.” just says volumes about the guy.

Harv personified the Zellweger phrase from “Cold Mountain”… “youTOOL BOX need help, here I am.”

He was like my other brother.  It did not matter whether it was golf, a party at his place or ours; I was always excited to see Harv.  He brightened my day. He completed my holidays when we were together…so many trips to his place, so many memories, so many events.

HOT RODAnd we talked about opening up a pub with a hot rod theme… it’s probably good that didn’t happen.

Harv hosted such great Thanksgivings; many of us with distant family. Turkey shoots and shots! After each, he would say, never again.  Then he’d host it again next year.

He liked our mutt; always took her out for a dump and short walk.

Bill gave him that state of the art driver for Christmas one year… really worked for him.  Every time he boomed one out there I’d tell him he should send Bill money!

GOLFERSuch a master craftsman… if stuff broken in heaven, he’ll fix it.  I figured that is why he got called. He even fixed the golf cart that a friend used and accidentally take out some neighborhood mailboxes.

I even thought about asking him to fix that congressional shithole in Washington, but that would be asking too much of a good friend.

And so many shots and beers… that was usually the greeting I received. The only thing I was sure of on our sleep-overs, at either house, was what the next morning would bring! The only living being that was physically right was the dog.

His golf game went extremely bad one year so he started to bring a flask… it didn’t’ help.

RAVENSAnd who could never forget the Ravens-Steelers game parties… filled with cheers, and more than occasional vulgarity!

Harv, so lucky to have had time with him!

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Root Causes…

I doubt we’ll see any significant change until some constitutional basics change.  Groups that by broadest definition and behavior, that have now or historically demonstrated a raciest and/or supremacist platform or tendencies, need to be outlawed, eradicated.  They should not be supported under freedom of speech, right to protest, and other amendments or  laws.  As long as the USA’s basic amendments and constitution can be interpreted to support raciest and supremacist behavior, it is not likely we will smother the hate and ugliness in this country.  It is against the law for organizations to discriminate in employment practices however other groups or organizations specifically not covered by law can.  

Quite a dichotomy!  

Further, If law enforcement and judicial departments where held to similar enforceable non-discriminatory standards (much broader than employment practice) and penalized for violations, we just might see the start of genuine “fit for duty” standards in the criminal justice system (police, courts, corrections). 

Can the criminal justice system “police” itself ? 

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Hiding Something ????

The argument made by Trump’s attorneys (ongoing in the USA’s supreme court) means, the way they describe it, that Trump or any sitting president couldn’t be investigated or prosecuted while holding the office — no subpoenas, no testimony, no indictments.

Above the law !

Now that just might sound like someone who has something to hide!

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Can you imagine…

Can  you imagine…a black man is murdered while jogging on a Glynn County, Brunswick City, neighborhood street; two armed, white, former law enforcement officers shot and killed the 25 year old man in broad daylight; the victim was not armed;  it was 10 weeks before local law enforcement officials acted at all; then it was only do to local/national outrage; two local district attorneys recuse themselves from the case prior to state investigators stepping in; it only took 36 hours for the state to indict the two for murder; the state of Georgia has no hate crime laws. Can you imagine having the trial venue in Glynn County, or the state of Georgia for that matter?  Can you imagine…!

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Facts, Fact Checkers, and Out Right Lies …

Just when you thought you had a reliable place to ago to check on what you suspect is, for example, a political exaggeration…

From the Heritage Foundation (a 2 minute read): https://www.heritage.org/public-opinion/commentary/the-facts-about-fact-checkers

It is a “posting” from 2018, but I’m thinking it remains very accurate today.

What lead to this blog entry? I enjoy reading CNN’s “5 Things”, an email that I receive to start my day, just to see, “Whatsup”. This morning, April 20th, I find this:

President Trump said testing is a local problem that the federal government shouldn’t be handling. He also said the country was testing “millions” per day when the actual number is around 150,000 per day. 

I did not fact check it… I had a feeling I didn’t need to…!

And this from the “Independent”, April 2019

Now, on his 801st day, the count stands at 9,451, according to The Washington Post’s Fact Checker’s database that analyses, categories, and tracks every suspect statement the president utters.

9,451 suspect statements… and that was a year ago!

If all this is just half right… !

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Stupidity at the Helm

I try to avoid politics on this blog. Sometimes I just can’t avoid it!

You should send this link to everyone you know… https://successnexcess.com/?p=1142

… another continuing example of the dolt we have leading the country.  So Trump appoints a New Press Secretary, from his 2020 Campaign, who said earlier this year in a campaign statement that “under Trump’s watch the virus would not threaten American shores.”

CNN 4 8 2020: The White House is in a state of flux. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham was moved out of her position without even giving a single briefing, and was replaced by Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump 2020 campaign’s press secretary. McEnany is the fourth person to hold the position. In the past, she has downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, saying that under Trump’s watch, the virus would not threaten American shores. Trump also removed acting inspector general for the Defense Department, Glenn Fine, from his post. This means Fine will no longer chair the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, sparking concerns over who will supervise the disbursement of the $2 trillion in emergency coronavirus funding. 

I would like to see in all national news publications, papers, and e-media publications / sites, an informational posting, in bullet format, showing all Trump’s leadership errors, rescinded appointments, bad appointments, staff and key player resignations, misleading and inaccurate statements, etc.

If the Dems had their “stuff” together, they could win by just publishing that! For the record, I don’t care who’s or what party is in the leadership seat as long as he/she is a leader! 

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‘Have We Learned Nothing?”

From Politico Magazine, 3/25/2020:

“Have We Learned Nothing?”

You would expect that there is “pork” as it’s called in the $2 Trillion stimulus package and this article from the Magazine surfaces some of that…more money that could go to families, hospitals, first responders, medical equipment, protective equipment, etc. 


….. and it is not just democrats!

I suspect those fools see $35 million for the Kennedy Center, for example, as beer money.  It may not be the Kennedy Center, but that kind of stuff — it is in there.  Maybe they would be good enough to publish a line item list!  Oh, wait, they couldn’t do that as “it would not be in the best interest of national security!”

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