Humor, a business tool…

… and it is absolutely free! And it is all about maintaining some balance in the culture if you are a leader. And as a reminder, leaders can be found anywhere in the organization, they don’t necessarily have to carry a manager’s title! And, some managers/supervisors/executives are not necessarily good leaders.

Here are some excerpts from the full article in Fast Company Magazine on the benefits of humor in the work environment:

“Fact: organizations in which humor is part of the culture reported shareholder returns 19% higher than their competitors, according to a Huet & Associates study.” 

And from another source, some of the benefits of humor in the work place

“The CEO of Peppercomm observes that humor and levity in daily work interactions, even virtually, can actually change how our brains work to develop creative solutions, reduce stress, and solve problems.”

“It’s very difficult to dislike someone who makes you laugh.”

This blogger has worked in more than 25 business locations in the USA and business locations in 19 other countries. Obserations and experiences have proven that humor is highly appreciated and respected, it easily and effortlessly crosses all cultures, and molds great, long term working partnerships and relationships!

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Landmines in the field of recruiting

… in the ever present minefield of candidate interviewing.

From Maggie Smith, vice resident of HR at Traliant, a provider of online compliance training.

Asking personal questions that aren’t job related can be problematic. A simple rule to follow is to keep interview questions focused on the position, the skills and experience needed, and realistic expectations for the role.

Some questions to avoid may seem obvious, but it can be a minefield if one slips into casual conversation and ends up asking something that can potentially cause problems for you and your organization.

Additionally, to stay on track, remain focused on talent and capability. And to assist  in evaluating future performance, behavioral based questions (behavioral competencies) are excellent recruiting tools for employers. They are also excellent traits that candidates should highlight as part of their interview plan. Referencing a previous post:

From Maggie Smith and Fast Company:

… predictable characteristics of changing times and changing work environments.

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Productivity Boost

There are many tools “out there” to help get you through your day in a more productive way.

You may be one of those people who have productivity down pat, or, maybe you could benefit from a tool to improve your organization and output. “It is worth considering your natural rhythms when writing your to-do list.”

Here’s a one that might be new to you… sounds like it has some promise. From Fast Company Magazine, and Stephanie Vozza.

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So much selflessness

Inside war torn Ukraine, so many examples of those who risk their lives to serve others.

Before the invasion, these entrepreneurs ran growing startups or family-owned businesses passed down for generations. Their companies sold products like custom shoes, baked goods and pizza in Kyiv’s historic district and e-learning tools for students, teachers and professionals

T.C. Pizza has been preparing hundreds of boxed meals to donate to people in need.

In the midst of war, they’ve pivoted their missions and are now utilizing their resources to provide badly needed necessities such as food, first aid, even combat boots for Ukraine’s military.

This is probably one of a 1000 stories inside the country.

The boxed meals contain salad, potatoes and some meat.
Kachorovska started making combat boots during the Russian invasion to donate to Ukrainian soldiers.

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Impact of habits on success

This is a great article by Stephanie Vozza, published in Fast Company Magazine in February 2020, republished January 10, 2022. Timeless advice that will work for anyone, anywhere. It is well researched, a three minute read.

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Ya gotta love this one…

Amid all the less than positive press about tuition costs at colleges and universities, Snhu has a great story to tell about that and more:

  • It is accredited
  • Enrollment growth: 1,282% from 2000 to 2019
  • 3000 students on campus; 135,000 on line. Yes that is 3 zeros.
  • It offers over 200 programs, from certificates to doctoral level degrees
  • Fields include business, education, liberal arts, social sciences and STEM.
  • Named 2020 Most Innovative University in the North and one of the nation’s “Best Regional Universities” by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Awarded the 21st Century Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Technology by The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
  • Founded in 1932: Named “Great College to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education every year since its inception.
  • Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies (2012)
2020 Great Colleges to work for Logo

And what Snhu says about its social impact: “As a university built for people, not for profit, we invest in our learners and their communities. You’ll find us on soccer fields, military bases and in underserved neighborhoods in NH and across the globe, because we believe in using the power of education as a force for social good. And all of us – alumni, students, faculty and staff – play a part in making it happen.”

Read about this great institution:

The total tuition of a 120-credit online bachelor’s at Snhu is $38,400, or $320 per credit hour. Then, read about the other — four year non-profit in state: over $100K.

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The ONE interview question

From Fast Company, January 12, 2022, a four minute read. This piece on interviewing is up there with the best of them!

“Cultures evolve over time, generations even, and it takes enormous and holistic effort to truly change a culture. Hiring managers need to be realistic about what the day-to-day is in their organization and on this particular team. While you might be thinking you don’t want to scare away great talent, don’t worry: Your culture will do that handily if the “IRL” situation isn’t what you sold. (join a company, quit a boss). To get the fit right, managers need to both objectively assess and reflect their workplace while getting to the heart of what makes a candidate tick.”

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NFL leadership…

Where is the leadership in the NFL? If it genuinely cared about striking a leader image among the players and its communities, it would toss players out of the organization who practiced domestic violence, were convicted of substance abuse, developed a reputation for unnecessary violence in the game, and had a penchant for similar behaviors that would be cause for termination.

I understand the organization wants to leave decision making to individual teams and team management. However, there has to be a higher level set of ethics and standards that is an overarching mandate for all teams. It is no different than corporations requiring its operating locations to operate within corporate-wide ethics and standards.

Where is the zero tolerance policy for this $12+ billion industry?

The league has a huge, highly visible, leadership role in the sports world and in communities.

There are a number of players who set great examples for their teams, on the field, and in their communities. There are!

The organization do the same!

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