NYT Briefing…

Here’s a clip from one entry from the briefing from the New York Times, Monday, January 6th:

“Here’s what you need to know”:


I believc most USA citizens:

  • Don’t want any more Americans killed in Iran or for that matter the Middle East.
  • Most Americans don’t want another war
  • Most believe we are not wanted in Iran and for that matter the middle Middle East
  • Most believe our efforts to oust terrorists organizations in that area of the world is like pissing in the wind
  • Most believe the religious based wars in that region that have driven hatred and murder is a fact of life
  • Most believe all the money that has been spent in the middle east and lost lives have achieved not much
  • Most believe the oh so “worn out” excuse, “IN THE BEST INTEREST OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY”, used by Washington DC and the Pentagon, for investing people and other assets in the Middle East, is just that, an excuse used to line the pockets of contractors and business who benefit from occupations and wars, and to satiate the warmongers in the Pentagon.
  • Most believe that we have the resources, people talent, and technology to keep our borders and citizenry secure.

My answer, totally remove all people, assets, and military and stop all monies and other forms of investment from being assigned/ spent in the Middle East. Why? Answer the question, what has all that achieved in the last decades?

My answer, if you have a Middle Eastern ID or Passport, USA borders are closed to you until Middle Eastern governments clean up their terrorists mess. They certainly have the money.

Oh, wait, there is always the response we had to get involved to crush international terrorism.

Well, I believe that there would not have been a 911, nor would the Middle East care about us, had we minded our own business in the first place and stayed the hell out of the Middle East. 911 was a response.

If there are no more USA assets in the middle East there will be no more deaths.

I am a veteran, I support our troups. I don’t support our involvement in the Middle East, never have. I believe, most don’t.

Just so readers know that I’m not a nationalist: From a trade standpoint, we should be developing our economy across the globe, notwithstanding.

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One thought on “NYT Briefing…

  1. Makes way too much sense for our elected, that’s right, we put these these self serving thieves in office, to see what is good for the country.


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