Have a good elevator speech …. 

I recall many occasions when chatting with friends, or, meeting new people, or worse yet when talking with fellow professionals, when asked, “how is your company doing”, or, you  inquire  about company  performance, the response is equivalent to “I don’t know”.  For professionals it is a lost opportunity.  And worse, it can leave something other than a positive note about your business acumen in your audience’s memory.

Elevator Speech ImageThere are great opportunities inside and outside the company to display your business knowledge, interest in the company, and knowledge about products, technology, and company performance, and, how the company is doing competitively.  If you work for a global company even better as the diversity of your “speech” can increase significantly.  All the aforementioned is fair game for elevator speeches.

Your response can differentiate you among your peers and even professionals who hold higher level positions. A good elevator speech can be as little as one minute.

So where does the info come from for an elevator speech …. Try the “investor’s link” on the company website; spend some time with the company’s annual report.  If you have access, talk with key managers in engineering, finance, marketing, sales, etc. Companies do news releases, so simply Google the company.

Always update you elevator speech!

You don’t have to be an expert!

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