Success and Ignorance

So Andrew Luck announces his retirement from the Colts. He explains that the years of injuries and pain that he experienced and the continuing possibility of more of the same was just not worth the impact on his health and family.

During his career, Luck suffered a lacerated kidney, a torn abdomen, torn cartilage, and a concussion.

So the fans booed him as he walked off the field for the last time. They did not applaud for the yeas of leadership he provided for the team. They did not applaud for the tremendous athletic ability he demonstrated through years at the QB position. They did not applaud for the years of wins and thrills he provided on the gridiron. There was no standing ovation for the four-time Pro Bowler! Luck said that it hurt walking off the field, hearing that from the “fans”.

I placed this post under success because of what the man contributed to NFL, to the sport, to the community, to the fans. This post is all about that!

It is a post about success, nothing short of success in so many dimensions!

Separately, I just have to say that there must be a tremendous amount of ignorance, tunnel vision, and just plain stupidity in Indianapolis, as demonstrated by the “fans” at last Saturdays preseason game. They enjoyed years of so much entertainment, thrills, and pride, courtesy of the team and Andrew Luck. All of that at the leadership of Andrew Luck! And that is how they send him off!

Good luck Andrew Luck… there are many of us that applaud your contribution to the NFL, the community, the sport, and the team!

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