It is never enough…

Republican Sen. Richard Burr proposes taxing scholarships of student athletes who ‘cash in

When is it ever enough? That is, the governments need for more money — taxes!

Disgusting but probably an accurate portrayal!

You can debate the technical details of the IRS regulations and Congress’s Tax Law, the later now estimated to be about 2600 pages, and not 70,000 which is a popular number often cited by independent tax watch dogs and popular with the media. Even at 2600 pages, who in their right mind…?

Point is… here is just another elected official, Burr, in this instance, who is looking for more money for the government.

It is disgusting.

Talking to an American tour guide in Rome, Italy…. He lived in Rome for 20 years. I asked him what he found to be the biggest difference between the Italian and US governments. He said, ” In Italy, the people are rich and the government poor. In the US, the government is rich and the people poor”.

No, the writer has not lost sight of all our freedoms in this country.

But it remains that the government is huge, wasteful, greedy and carrying a choking debt, all of which is costing all of us dearly .

The answer is not more taxes Senator Burr!

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